Snow Matcha log cake -YELLOWSTAGE SPECIALS

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The Special item of this month we are introducing is SNOW MATCHA.

Soft and fluffy match sponge layered with white-chocolate fresh cream and white chocolate curls.

It is very special cake made with 100% Uji Matcha powder that makes rich green tea flavour. The cake does not have any butter in it, and yet the texture is extra soft and fluffy like chiffon cake. 

We put minimum amount of sugar as it will ruin matcha flavour if the cake get over-sweet. Premium white chocolate we use for fresh cream also adds rich sweetness to it alternatively. White chocolate curls are also not only just decoration for the cake but gives crunchy texture and makes it not boring at all.

Price is $28

Size is enough for approx. 6ppl

(Similar size as size #1 in whole round cake)

For orders, you can simply text 0490 189 430 

Order available till 29th March.

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